Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme

Before obtaining a motorcycle rider licence, you must successfully complete the Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme. This scheme is designed to help people gain basic riding skills before riding on the road.

The training and testing is provided at training centres, located across metropolitan and country areas. Phone 13 22 13 or see Motorcycle Rider Training Centres for more information.

There are two levels of training - pre-learner and pre-provisional. Both levels involve on-road and off-road training.

Who must do rider training?

If you live in an area where there is a training centre you must attend and satisfactorily complete rider training and testing prior to being issued with a learner or provisional rider licence. Areas covered by the scheme are called 'declared areas'. Applicants who have previously held a provisional or an unrestricted rider licence are exempt from rider training courses.

If you do not live in a declared area, you will not be required to undertake the compulsory rider training. However, you can take it voluntarily.

How to book your rider training courses

To book a course visit myTests on this site, visit a registry or phone 13 22 13 (option 3). If a scooter is required for training please nominate the type of motorcycle at the time of booking.

How to obtain your licence in an undeclared area

To get a learner rider licence, go to your nearest registry and:

  • Take your proof of identity documents.
  • Complete an application form.
  • Pass an eyesight test.
  • Pay and pass the rider knowledge test.
  • Pay the licence fee.

To get a provisional rider licence, go to your nearest registry, book online at myTests or phone 13 22 13 and:

  • Pay for and make a booking for your riding test.
  • After you have passed the test  pay the licence fee.


If you're a young rider, visit GEARED to find out everything you need to know about getting and keeping your licence.

Older riders

Riders aged 85 years and over should call the booking office on 13 22 13 to book an aged test.

More information

Further information for applicants for a motorcycle licence is contained in the Motorcycle riders' handbook.