Licensing fees

All fees effective 1 July 2014

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) accepts the following credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Diners
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Customers seeking a pensioner concession must provide a current NSW pensioner concession card. For more information, see Pensioner concessions, or phone Roads and Maritime Services on 13 22 13.

Handbooks (including Road Users' Handbook, Heavy Vehicle Drivers' Handbook, Motorcycle Riders' Handbook, Hazard Perception Handbook, and Driver Qualification Handbook). $12 (inc. GST)
Driver Knowledge Test $42 each attempt
Driving Test $52 (inc. GST) each attempt
Riding Test (Non Declared) $52 (inc. GST) each attempt
Hazard Perception Test $42 each attempt
Driver Qualification Test $42 each attempt
Application for Exemption - Peer passenger, one passenger or prohibited vehicle condition $29
--- Replacement Exemption Letter (lost/stolen/destroyed) $13
NSW Licence Fees (Type of Licence):
Learner $24
--- Replacement learner licence (for lost or stolen licence) $21
Provisional P1 $54
Provisional P2 $84
Unrestricted Driver licence (Gold) & National Heavy Vehicle Driver licence (Magenta) $54 for 1 year, $128 for 3 years, $170 for 5 years*
--- Replacement licence (unrestricted, P1 or P2 for lost or stolen licence) $25
NSW Photo Card issue fee $50
Replacement NSW Photo Card $24

* Under the 'Fair go for safe drivers' scheme, unrestricted licence holders may be eligible for a 50% discount on the renewal fee. For information on the eligibility criteria, see 'Fair go for safe drivers'.


Replacement Learner Driver Log Book $16 (inc. GST)
CBA Scheme participation fee $25 (inc. GST)
CBA Replacement Log Book $8 (inc. GST)

Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme

Cost of the pre-learner course $86 (inc GST)
Cost of pre-provisional course $130 (inc GST)
Skills Test (MOST) $52 (inc. GST) each attempt