85 and over

From 1 December 2008, when you reach 85 years of age, in addition to the annual medical examination, you are required to pass a practical driving assessment every second year (age 85, 87, 89 etc) to retain your unrestricted driver licence. If you no longer require an unrestricted driver licence you can opt for a modified licence without the need for a practical driving assessment.

If you need to have a practical assessment you can choose whether you do a test with Roads and Maritime Services or a driving assessment with an older driver assessor.Find a list of older driver assessors operating in your area.

You may find it helpful to read theĀ Road Users' Handbook or do a refresher course with a driving school before attempting your assessment. Advanced age licensees must pass a driving test before their licence can be renewed or maintained.

A guide to older driver licensing

If you want more information about how to find out if you are driving safely, how to continue driving safely or what your licence options are, you should get a copy of the latest 'A guide to older driver licensing'. It is available for free from your local motor registry, or by phoning 13 22 13. The guide will also be posted to your address from the age of 84 years and 6 months. You can download the guide from the box below.

The guide contains a self-assessment questionnaire and suggestions about how to overcome or limit the impact that the ageing process can have on a drivers' ability.