Renewal when out of NSW

Roads and Maritime Services will only renew or replace licences for NSW residents. The following arrangements apply to NSW residents who are temporarily interstate or overseas and are eligible to renew or replace their licences using the photo-kit system.

Note: Information about the renewal or replacement of licences cannot be obtained from overseas Australian diplomatic, consular offices or agents.

The photo-kit contains clear instructions to renew or replace your licence. However, the following points are essential:

  • You must write your NSW address in the box provided on the kit. If you do not provide it, your application will not be processed.
  • Your licence will be sent to your NSW address unless you ask specifically for it to be sent to your temporary interstate or overseas address.
  • Unless you return with the kit your NSW photolicence which has expired by no more than two years, the kit must be witnessed (and stamped if available) by one of the people shown in Part F of the kit.
  • When signing the 'Specimen Signature' label, please use a black pen, making sure that you press hard and bold for good reproduction.
  • There is a limit of one photo-kit licence renewal for all NSW licensees. This means that if you choose to renew your licence for one, three or five years through a photo-kit application, for your next licence renewal you will be required to return to NSW.

If your proof of identity shows your old name

If your proof of identity document(s) show an old name that is different to the one currently recorded in Roads and Maritime Services records, then you must also produce a certified photocopy of one of the following documents certified by the witness in part F of the photo kit:

  • A Marriage Certificate.
  • A Divorce Decree.
  • A Deed Poll registered with the relevant authority.
  • A Change of Name Certificate issued by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • A Birth Certificate showing the name at birth and the new name.
  • A document showing evidence of change of name registered in the Land Titles Office.

Your identity and change of name documents should show a clear link between your old name and your current name.

Important: You cannot change your name in Roads and Maritime Services records using a photo-kit. Change of name must be done in person at a registry or service centre once you return to NSW. See Changing your personal details for more information.

Submitting your application

The special camera used to process this licence is not available at local registries or service centres, therefore the kit and your payment must be sent to:

Photo-Licence Unit
Roads and Maritime Services
PO Box 21