Driver Knowledge Test Questions

To improve your knowledge of the road rules and to assist licence applicants to prepare for the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT), Roads and Maritime Services has now made all DKT questions publicly available on the internet.

The following table lists eight types of Driver Knowledge Test questions, based on licence class as well as corresponding publications from which DKT questions are derived. Click on one of the eight options to view/print/download the DKT questions for that licence class.

The DKT questions are listed by sections, with each question having a unique number as well as a code of a relevant Roads and Maritime Services publication from which the question is derived, for example Road users' handbook (RUH), Heavy vehicle drivers' handbook (HVH), Motorcycle riders' handbook (MRH). All DKT questions have three answer options, with the correct option listed in bold and in the first position.

Please note that as changes to the road rules occur, the DKT questions will be updated to reflect those changes. You should therefore check the website regularly to ensure you have the latest issue date of the questions.

In addition to studying the DKT questions, you also have an option to try a practice DKT, which will make you familiar with the format and running of the actual computer based DKT.

For more information about the DKT and the Demo DKT see the Frequently Asked Questions.


You need software installed on your browser to read the Driver Knowledge Test Questions.  For further information refer to PDF Help.