Build your hazard perception skills

This section of the Driver Qualification Test website lets you practise many of the skills you need to pass the Hazard Perception section of the test and stay alive. The five interactive Flash TM modules below are not examples of the actual hazard perception items. Unlike the hazard perception items which show real traffic situations, the five modules are graphical animations demonstrating the main concepts of hazard perception, including safe following distance, safe gaps and scanning for hazards.

You will need to have a Version 5 and above Flash Player TM installed to view these modules. To get the latest player, see related links, click on the Macromedia Flash Player TM link and follow the instructions on the page.

Firstly, make sure your computer's sound and speakers are turned on. To learn how to use the modules, you will need a few simple instructions.


Firstly, turn on your computer sound and speakers.

  • Use the sliders to control distance.
  • Choose a scenario from menu.
Image of distance-controlling slider
Image of scenario menu options

Follow the links to practise:

Where you will build your ability to cope with unexpected events.

Where you will learn safe following distances

Where you will learn to safely judge safe gaps when crossing a stream of traffic from your right

Where you will learn to safely judge safe gaps when turning right at a set of traffic lights

 Where you will learn to safely judge safe gaps when overtaking a stationary vehicle in front of you