Driver Qualification Test

The Graduated Licensing Scheme for New Drivers in New South Wales requires drivers to pass a Driver Qualification Test (DQT) before they can progress from a P2 driver licence to a full licence.

This website will help you practise the skills you need to pass the DQT.

It is designed to be used together with the Driver Qualification Handbook which has been specially developed to help you become a safer driver and help you prepare for the DQT.

You can purchase a copy of the handbook at any NSW registry, or you can view or download it.

You can't use the DQT website alone. It doesn't contain enough information for you to pass the DQT. But it does help you prepare for the test by demonstrating key road safety knowledge and hazard perception skills in an interactive environment.

The legal alcohol limit in NSW for all learner and provisional (P1 and P2) licence holders is zero.

 More information about zero alcohol limit