Hazard Perception Test

Hazard Perception Test: Cars driving through fog.

The Hazard Perception Test (HPT) is part of the NSW driver licensing scheme. The aim of the test is to make sure Provisional P1 drivers have enough hazard perception skills to progress to a Provisional P2 licence.

The HPT is a computer-based touch-screen test that measures your ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations on the road and respond appropriately. The test questions and situations focus on the five most common crash types for NSW provisional drivers.

The HPT uses film clips of real traffic situations. In each flim clip you'll be asked to respond appropriately by touching the screen - for example, when you would slow down, overtake or turn at an intersection.

There are 15 film clips in the test and you'll have two clips to practise on before the test begins.

What is a hazard?

A hazard is a possible source of danger that could lead to an accident. Safe drivers know how to spot them in time to take actions that will avoid accidents.

Hazards can include pedestrians crossing the road, roadworks, broken-down vehicles and other cars stopping ahead of you or entering from side roads.

Hazard perception skills

To help you acquire hazard perception skills and to prepare for the HPT, RMS has developed a Hazard Perception Handbook. If you don't study the book, it will be very difficult to pass the HPT. You can purchase the handbook from any registry or download it online.

Supporting the handbook are some online interactive exercises you can use to build your hazard perception skills.

You can't use the information on this website alone. It doesn't contain enough information for you to pass the HPT.

Hazard Perception Test: HPT introduction computer screen.

Language options/applicants with special needs

The HPT can also be taken in Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

If you need an interpreter for languages other than those listed above (or if you have special needs) phone RMS on 13 22 13.

When can I take the HPT?

You can attempt the HPT when you have held your Provisional P1 licence for at least 12 months. However, you should only attempt the test when you have had sufficient driving experience, have studied the Hazard Perception Handbook and have applied the information to your driving. A fee is charged for each test attempt.

Where can I take the HPT?

The HPT can be undertaken at any RMS registry or testing agency. You can book the HPT:

  • Online at myTests (see related link above right).
  • By calling RMS on 13 22 13.
  • By going to a registry or agency in your area.

On Monday 3 May 2004 the legal alcohol limit in NSW for all learner and provisional (P1 and P2) licence holders became zero.

 More information about zero alcohol limit.