Licence tests

Image of L, P1 and P2 plates
To progress through the NSW licensing scheme and get a full licence you need to pass theory and practical tests.


New South Wales has a graduated licensing scheme. To get a full driver licence under this scheme, you need to complete the following three licensing stages:

  • Learner licence.
  • Provisional P1 licence.
  • Provisional P2 licence.

To move through these licence stages you need to pass the following tests:

  • The computer based Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) to gain a learner licence.
  • The Driving Test to gain a P1 licence.
  • The computer based Hazard Perception Test (HPT) to gain a P2 licence.
  • The computer based Driver Qualification Test (DQT) to gain a full licence.

Before taking the tests you should study the relevant guide or handbook and then test yourself with the online practice tests and modules (where available):

  • Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) - Road Users Handbook and online practice DKT.
  • Hazard Perception Test (HPT) - Hazard Perception Handbook and online practice modules.
  • Driver Qualification Test (DQT) - Driver Qualification Handbook and online practice modules.

You can buy the handbooks from any registry or download them from the box below. Practice tests can also be accessed below.

We recommend you also read A Guide for New Drivers for an overview of the graduated licensing scheme. This guide is not only useful for learner drivers, but also for any drivers wanting information about the next stage in the licensing scheme.

Motorcycle and heavy vehicle

For information on tests and licences for motorcycle riders and heavy vehicle drivers use the links below.