NSW Boating Now

A recreational boating infrastructure delivery program.

NSW Boating Now is the State Government’s $70 million funding program to support initiatives that enhance the boating experience in NSW, including the delivery of recreational boating infrastructure across NSW waterways.

The five year program, administered by Roads and Maritime Services on behalf of Transport for NSW, operates until 2019. It replaces the previously successful Better Boating Program.

NSW Boating Now funding for recreational boating infrastructure projects is provided over two rounds:

Updates & announcements

Applications for funding under Round 2 of Boating Now are now closed.

Submissions are currently being assessed by Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services.

Round 1

In 2014, Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services conducted extensive consultation with the boating community, local government and other boating stakeholders on boating safety, access and infrastructure priorities across the state. This consultation informed the development of 11 Regional Boating Plans which were released in early 2015.

The Regional Boating Plans identified 192 boating infrastructure projects that are currently being funded under Round 1 of the Program. In total $37.5 million was allocated to the delivery of these projects which have either been completed, are underway or scheduled for completion by the end of 2017.

The NSW Boating Statement provides further information about the key elements of the NSW Boating Now program as well as a full list of the 192 Regional Priority Projects.

Information on project locations, descriptions and delivery progress, are available on the NSW Boating Now Project Map.

Launch the NSW Boating Now - Priority regional projects map

Round 2

Applications for Round 2 funding under the NSW Boating Now program are now closed.

Funding of $10 million was initially allocated to Round 2 of the NSW Boating Now Program to support the delivery of recreational boating infrastructure projects in the final two years of the program (2018 - 2019).

As a result of savings during the first three years of the Program, the available funding for Round 2 has increased to $17 million to be used for regional priority projects and boat trailer storage projects.

NSW Boating now flowchart

Transport for NSW are now seeking applications from local government, other authorities, community groups and boating stakeholders – for funding assistance to deliver recreational boating infrastructure projects across the state.

Projects in the past have included new and upgraded boat ramps, boat trailer parking facilities, pontoons, jetties and sewage pump outs.

Regional Priority Projects

Projects identified during consultation on the Regional Boating Plans that did not receive funding under Round 1 but still have a strong benefit to the boating experience will be favourably considered. Consideration will also be given to newly identified projects.

Boat Trailer Storage Projects

Under Round 2, consideration will also be given to projects that improve boat trailer storage in areas where the parking of boat trailers on residential streets has been identified as an issue. These projects will be assessed under the same criteria as the Boat Trailer Storage Grants Program which closed in December 2016.

While negotiations are continuing on a number of boat trailer storage initiatives identified through that process, further applications for funding to support additional boat trailer storage initiatives are encouraged.

How to Apply

All interested parties, including local government, other authorities, community groups and other boating stakeholders, are encouraged to apply. Before beginning your application, please ensure that you are familiar with the relevant NSW Boating Now Round 2 Guidelines which provide further details, the assessment criteria and how to apply for funding.

Please complete the NSW Boating Now Round 2 Project Application Form and submit it, along with supporting documentation, to maritime@transport.nsw.gov.au by midnight on Sunday 20 August 2017.

Further information

If you require further information about the Round 2 application process, please review the NSW Boating Now Frequently Asked Questions or contact Transport for NSW at maritime@transport.nsw.gov.au

Boating Infrastructure Emergency Repair Pool Scheme

The Boating Infrastructure Emergency Repair Pool (BIERP) provides a funding mechanism for repair or replacement of recreational boating infrastructure that is lost or damaged in natural events such as storms and floods, and extends assistance to events such as acts of vandalism, theft or accidental damage.

Repair or replacement of publicly owned recreational boating facilities may be eligible for funding under the BIERP.

These facilities include recreational jetties and wharves, boat ramps, pontoons, sewage pump out facilities, slipways, storage facilities, parking areas and some supporting amenities, provided that the asset owner has appropriately insured and maintained the asset.

Up to $3 million has been allocated to the BIERP over five years (2015 until 2019). Recipients may be eligible for funding of up to 100 percent of the repair or replacement costs, up to a total of $500,000 per asset, provided the owner can demonstrate that the asset has been appropriately insured and maintained prior to the loss or damage occurring.

Further information about the BIERP is provided in the BIERP Grant Guidelines.

If you wish to apply for funding assistance complete the BIERP Grant Application Form and return it to Roads and Maritime Services (contact details are on the Application Form).

For any enquiries about the NSW Boating Now program or the Boating Infrastructure Emergency Repair Pool please contact NSW Maritime’s Infrastructure Grants team.

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