Policies and procedures

Disposal of reclamations procedure

Roads and Maritime Services owns reclaimed land. Subject to satisfying a range of criteria, Roads and Maritime may be prepared to dispose of reclamations to adjoining land owners.

The following documents set out the procedures Roads and Maritime will follow when it receives an application to purchase its reclaimed land. All applications to purchase Roads and Maritime land must be made on the associated application form.

Commercial lease policy and procedures

Roads and Maritime has adopted a commercial lease policy setting general terms and conditions for commercial leasing on Sydney Harbour and its tributaries, Port Kembla, Newcastle Harbour and Botany Bay.

This includes the working harbour, waterfront businesses such as boat repairs, commercial marinas and dry boat stores, and facilities for licensed and amateur clubs.

These activities deliver major economic and community benefits for the people of New South Wales. Roads and Maritime supports the continued growth of these commercial and recreational maritime facilities, within an appropriate environmental and public benefit framework.

This policy sets broad conditions for Roads and Maritime commercial leases. It aims to deliver business certainty and opportunities for renewed investment by the private sector, while ensuring a fair return for the lease of public land.

This policy should be read in conjunction with other leasing and land use policies and procedures released from time to time by Roads and Maritime and the NSW Government. The policy takes effect from 1 January 2008.

Commercial marina rental procedure

Duration of commercial mooring licences

In Sydney Harbour, many maritime commercial leases include marina berths and swing moorings, operated by the same business entity. For most practical purposes the moorings and marina berths are simply two parts of the same business.

Roads and Maritime commercial leases are generally offered for terms of twenty years or more, while commercial mooring licences are for one year only. While mooring licences are routinely renewed upon expiry, the short licence duration can create difficulties for operators in negotiating with finance providers, or in seeking to sell their business to a new operator.

Following the introduction of Roads and Maritime’s commercial lease policy, the Authority has determined to offer its commercial lessees the chance to formally extend the term of their commercial mooring licences so they can terminate at the same time as their commercial lease. Commercial lessees will also have a single contact officer within the Authority to assist with commercial mooring and leasing issues.

These changes reduce red tape for the boating industry and improve business certainty for operators and users of commercial marinas on Roads and Maritime land.

Notice exempting certain mooring licensees

Procedure for assignment of a commercial lease

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