Some of these publications are also available as printed brochures, fliers and stickers, free of charge from our Info Line 13 12 36.

Be responsible near Whales and Dolphins

Boating Handbook

The Boating Handbook is available to download in both PDF and EPUB3 (eBook) format.

Boating Safety Equipment Checklist

July 2016

Healthy Waterways - Better Boating More Fish

How to get a boat driving licence

Leave Only Water in Your Wake

August 2016

Mooring Licence Conditions - Private Mooring Licence

Mooring Licence Conditions - Commercial Mooring Licence Standard Conditions

Proof of identity and the use of personal information under The Privacy Act 1998

Transit Zone under Sydney Harbour Bridge

Tsunami information for recreational boaters

Wear a lifejacket: Inflatable service and maintenance guide

Wear a lifejacket that's right for you

You're the Skipper, You're Responsible

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