Navigation advice - Shark net trial - NH16170

Ballina, Lennox Head & Evans Head Beaches
Coral Sea
6 month trial from 8 December 2016


The NSW Government has announced five locations on the NSW North Coast where it is
undertaking a trial of shark nets, following extensive community consultation. The trial will
take place at:

  • Lighthouse beach (Ballina) - near surf club
  • Sharpes beach (Ballina) - southern end
  • Shelly beach (Ballina) - centrally
  • Seven Mile beach (Lennox Head) – near surf club
  • Evans Head beach – near surf club.

The nets are generally set parallel to beaches, approximately 500 metres off the shore, near the surf clubs and patrolled swimming areas. Their exact location is determined by the prevailing and forecast sea conditions, winds and currents.

Key messages:

  • Do not swim in the vicinity of, or operate your vessel near the nets
  • Do not handle or otherwise interfere with the nets
  • It is an offence to interfere with, vandalise, or otherwise make the nets in any way ineffective or inoperable
  • For urgent enquiries such as whale entanglement call 1300 550 474
  • Do not attempt to free any entangled marine life. Only DPI contractors are permitted to handle the nets
  • DPI contractors will check the nets twice a day, weather permitting.

For further information go to

The 5 mesh nets (Evans Head, Lennox surf club, Sharpes, Shelly and Lighthouse Beach) and 25 drumlines (10 at Evans Head and 15 between Lennox surf club and South Ballina) have been deployed.

The locations are marked below, noting the nets are denoted in the maps as green pins. The nets might get moved slightly over the next week or so while site suitability is confirmed.

Ballina to Lennox Head – South to North deployment



Evans Head– south to north deployment


Roads and Maritime Boating Map – Coastal Map 1-2

For further information concerning this Navigation Advice, please contact Boating Safety Officer, Marcus Cahill, NSW Roads & Maritime Services phone: 0455093266


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