Navigation Warning - Hastings River, Port Macquarie

Hastings River, Port Macquarie
March 2013 - Ongoing

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) advises that alternative navigation aids have been installed at the entrance to the Hastings River at Port Macquarie. This includes the installation of an upgraded back board and a green, white, red sector light on the former front lead structure on the southern breakwall.

The upgraded light and structure replaces the former front lead light and day shape (K2790 in Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume K, and located at 31o 25’.6S, 152o 54’.9E). The former rear lead light and structure was previously removed.

The new installation consists of a rectangular day shape (red with a white vertical stripe) at a height of approximately 10 metres.

At night, the new sector light shows a green light over the arc from 239oT to 244oT, a white light from 244oT to 249oT, and a red light from 249oT to 269oT. (All bearings are from seaward.) Characteristics of the light are Occulting 4 seconds (3 seconds on; 1 second off).

Vessel operators are advised that the recommended approach under good conditions into the Hastings River is with the new sector light and day shape bearing approximately 247oT (234oM) (from seaward). Vessel operators should be aware that this is subject to change dependent on natural, swell and tidal conditions on the coastal bar, and they should adjust any approach by taking into account such conditions at the time of any given crossing.

All vessel operators and particularly those without local knowledge are urged to exercise caution when attempting to cross the Hastings River Bar at Port Macquarie.


RMS Boating Map – 5A
Aus 219 – Plans in New South Wales (Sheet 2)
Aus 811 – Crowdy Head to Nambucca Heads

For further information concerning this Navigation Warning, please contact:
RMS Boating Safety Officer Port Macquarie on 0427 654 735
RMS Senior Boating Safety Officer on 0418 434 164, or
Roads and Maritime Services, on 13 12 56


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