Navigation Restriction - Sydney Harbour - from Cockatoo Island to Steele Point, Vaucluse

(Marine Safety Act 1998 s.12)

Sydney Harbour
From 8:00am 31 December 2017 to 2:00am 1 January 2018
From Cockatoo Island to Steele Point, Vaucluse, comprising all navigable waters bounded by imaginary lines drawn between:

  • Greenwich Point to Clarkes Point (the entrance to Lane Cove River); and
  • Clarkes Point, through Cockatoo Island to White Horse Point; and
  • Bradleys Head Light to Steele Point

Detail and Special Restrictions

The annual New Years’ Eve Fireworks and Harbour of Light Parade - a Special Event on the waters of Sydney Harbour conducted by the City of Sydney - will be taking place between the above times. Due to the potential to affect the safety of navigation, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will establish a Regulated Area with declared special restrictions (including ‘No Anchoring’ and Exclusion Zones) in the location described above.

Pursuant to section 12(3) of the Marine Safety Act 1998, those special restrictions are as follows:

  1. From 8:00am (31 Dec 2017) to 2:00am (1 Jan 2018), anchoring of vessels in the areas which will become the Exclusion Zone later in the evening (see below) is prohibited, and vessel operators who fail to leave the “No Anchoring Zone” when directed may be guilty of an offence;
  2. From 3:00pm (31 Dec 2017) to 2:00am (1 Jan 2018), a maximum speed limit of 6 knots is declared in the Area (unless otherwise authorised by RMS or Police);
  3. From 3:00pm (31 Dec 2017) to 1:00am (1 Jan 2018) McMahons Point, Milsons Point (Luna Park) and Jeffrey Street Wharves will be closed to all commercial vessels other than scheduled commuter ferry services;
  4. From 7:30pm (31 Dec 2017) to 1:00am (1 Jan 2018) Beulah Street Wharf, Kirribilli will be closed to all commercial vessels other than scheduled commuter ferry services;
  5. From 8:00pm (31 Dec 2017) to 2:00am (1 Jan 2018), additional “No Anchoring Zones” are declared in the channels, between:
  • Clarkes Point and Cockatoo Island
  • Greenwich Point and Manns Point
  • Balmain East and Goat Island
  • Garden Island and Fort Denison; and
  • off Bradleys Head.

The Garden Island/Fort Denison and the Bradleys Head ‘No Anchoring Zones’ will be marked by yellow ‘no anchoring’ buoys with quick flashing yellow lights.

Exclusion Zone

To safeguard the display and fireworks vessels, a strict Exclusion Zone will be established inside the Area between 8:00pm (31 Dec 2017) and 12:45am (1 Jan 2018) which will be marked by a perimeter of yellow lit buoys.

NO UNAUTHORISED VESSELS OR PERSONS are to enter the Exclusion Zone under any circumstances, which will be patrolled by Police, RMS and other official control vessels. The times stipulated above may be extended without notice by RMS in the interests of public safety. Entry of vessels or persons into the Exclusion Zone renders the vessel operator or person liable to an offence.


RMS advises that in relation to the Area:

  1. Persons within the vicinity of the Regulated Area must comply with any directions given by a Boating Safety Officer or Police Officer in relation to the Special Event or to marine safety. Failure to comply with any such direction is an offence (Marine Safety Act 1998 s.15A - Maximum Penalty $3,300.00).
  2. Any vessel operator or persons
    • breaching the Special Restrictions detailed above; or
    • entering the Exclusion Zone; or
    • anchoring in the “No Anchoring Zone”.

is liable to an offence (Marine Safety Act 1998 s.12(5) - Maximum Penalty $1,100.00)

Maps and Charts Affected

RMS Boating Map – 9D and 9G
RAN Hydrographic Chart AUS 200, AUS 201 AUS 202

For full details visit the Roads and Maritime Services website

Marine Notice SE1707

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