Navigation Restriction - Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour

Section 12(2)

Farm Cove, Sydney Harbour
Monday 26 February 2018 to Saturday 5 May 2018


The Handa Opera event will be taking place on Sydney Harbour between the above specified dates, which will involve a construction period, a performance period including small fireworks displays, and then a period during which the infrastructure will be removed. For the Duration - in order to safeguard the works and performances and to assist navigation - Roads and Maritime has specified an Exclusion Zone is to surround the area.

The EXCLUSION ZONE will be marked by lit yellow buoys and patrolled by control and security vessels. The zone will be in force:

  • 24 hours per day - during the construction period from Monday 26 February to Wednesday 21 March 2018;
  • 5.30pm to 11.30pm - during performances from Wednesday 21 March to Sunday 22 April 2018; and
  • 24 hours per day – during the deconstruction period from Monday 23 April to Saturday 5 May 2018

NO UNAUTHORISED VESSELS OR PERSONS are to enter the Exclusion Zone under any circumstances.

Vessel operators should also keep clear of two lit yellow buoys placed approximately 100 metres to the south-west and north-west of the stage to allow fireworks barges to be moored each evening during performances.

All vessel operators and persons using the vicinity must keep a proper lookout, keep well clear of the works, and exercise extreme caution when navigating near the exclusion zone.

Penalties may apply (section 12(5) - Marine Safety Act 1998).

For full details visit the Roads and Maritime Services website

Marine Notice SE1803

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