Navigation Restriction - Warrell Creek, South of Macksville


Warrell Creek, South of Macksville
April 2016 to July 2017


Vessel operators are advised that due to the construction of a new bridge by Roads and Maritime Services (Roads and Maritime), navigation in Warrell Creek South of Macksville, will be restricted from the existing Pacific Highway Warrell Creek Bridge to approximately 500 metres downstream from April 2016 till July 2017.

Temporary access to the Warrell Creek may be permitted whilst a temporary bridge is being constructed. Once the temporary bridge is completed, the waterway will be fully closed whilst construction of the new bridge is underway. There will be no vessel passage through the exclusion zone which will be marked with yellow buoys and signage. Unauthorised vessels are prohibited from operating within 100 metres of the bridge works.

Access to the river will be downstream of the bridge works from the boat ramps at Scotts Head and Nambucca River, Nambucca.


Vessel operators are advised to exercise extreme caution when navigating in the vicinity of the works, and to pay particular attention to work vessels and buoyed off areas. This navigation warning remains in place for the duration of the works.


Roads and Maritime advises:

  1. Persons within the vicinity of the works must comply with any directions given by a Boating Safety Officer or Police Officer in relation to the works or to marine safety. Failure to comply with any such direction is an offence (Marine Safety Act 1998, s.15A - Maximum Penalty $3,300.00).
  2. Vessels are required to maintain a safe distance and speed from the works and operators are reminded that the production of wash which impacts unreasonably on the works is an offence (Marine Safety (General) Regulation – clause 9) - Maximum Penalty $5,500.00)
  3. Vessel operators may be guilty of an offence if they do not comply with “Channel Blocked” lights and shapes (Management of Waters and Waterside Lands Regulation – clause 20A - Maximum Penalty $1,500.00)


Roads and Maritime Boating Map – 4A

For further information concerning this Navigation Restriction, please contact the Roads and Maritime Info Line on 13 12 56 or the Community Relations team on 1800 074 588


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