Newcastle Motor Registry

New location for Newcastle Motor Registry


The Roads and Traffic Authority’s motor registries at Newcastle and Mayfield will combine and reopen as a new registry in a new location later this month.

A Roads and Traffic Authority spokesperson said the new Newcastle motor registry will open its doors to customers at 8.30am on Monday 20 June.

“The Newcastle motor registry is moving up the road from 130 Parry Street to 114 Parry Street in Newcastle.  This is less than 100 metres from the old location,” the spokesperson said.

“The Mayfield motor registry will cease operating at noon on Saturday 18 June and will then combine with the Newcastle registry to deliver the full range of Roads and Traffic Authority transactions in a modern service environment.

“The new registry is about five kilometres from the current Mayfield location.

“Combining the two registries will provide considerable benefits to customers and staff with the new facility incorporating the latest in design features including enhanced customer seating, newly designed transaction counters and a voice automated queuing system.

“This is part of the Roads and Traffic Authority’s commitment to provide a modern and comfortable environment for customers and staff while improving the efficiency of services.

“The new location is serviced by public transport with regular buses and train services available within walking distance.

“The new registry will be open between 8.30am and 5pm on weekdays and 8.30am and noon on Saturdays.

“Customers will be able to access all Roads and Traffic Authority services at the existing Mayfield and Newcastle motor registries during the relocation.

“The Newcastle motor registry staff look forward to welcoming you to their new state of the art location from Monday 20 June,” the spokesperson said.