Brisbane Water Drive Safety Review

Roads and Maritime Services has developed a proposal for potential safety improvements on Brisbane Water Drive between Glenrock Parade and Manooka Road, Point Clare.

Updates and announcements

Comments for the Brisbane Water Drive Safety Review closed on Friday 25 November 2016.

Roads and Maritime thanks the community for taking the time to consider the safety review and providing feedback.

For a summary of feedback received, key issues raised and Road and Maritime's responses please view or download the January 2017 Community Consultation Report (697Kb).

Project background

Brisbane Water Drive is a State Road connecting the Central Coast Highway at West Gosford to Railway Street and Blackwall Road at Woy Woy. It is the primary link between Woy Woy and Gosford.

The NSW Government allocated $2 million to complete a route safety investigation along Brisbane Water Drive between Glenrock Parade and Manooka Road at Point Clare.


The route safety investigation was carried out to determine the safety performance of the route and identify road safety improvements and priorities along this section of Brisbane Water Drive.

Roads and Maritime identified priorities for improvement to this section of the road in the short, medium and long term to address safety deficiencies that were identified.

To see a list of the proposed safety improvements identified in the safety review, please view or download the November 2016 Project Notification.

Recommendations and priorities

Following consideration of the community consultation, the $2 million allocated by the NSW Government to the safety review will be used to develop options, prepare funding submissions and start work on some of the identified upgrades.

The funded projects include:

  • Installing roadside safety barrier and pedestrian fencing on the western side of Brisbane Water Drive near Talinga Avenue to provide protection for pedestrians
  • Improving safety near Takari Avenue, by providing a dedicated right turn bay and installing roadside safety barrier and pedestrian fencing on the western side of road
  • Banning the right turn out of Penang Street and investigating widening the road shoulders on the approach to Penang Street to provide a safe passing width from a stationary car
  • Improvements to sight distance near Lorraine Avenue
  • Investigating options for the proposed pedestrian footpath between Collard Road and Jirrah Avenue, including options for either side of the road.

Further investigations and community feedback have determined the right turn movements into Lorraine Avenue and Penang Avenue will no longer be banned, and the proposed roundabout at Collard Road and Welwyn Grove, which would have served as a U-turn facility, is no longer required and will not be built.

The total cost estimate for all of the proposed safety improvements identified in the safety review is in excess of $10 million. The remaining improvements will be prioritised and considered for future funding, including building traffic lights at the Jirrah Avenue and Koolinda Avenue intersection and providing right turn bays at Sunnyside Avenue and Sunshine Drive.

Community engagement

We will continue to work with the community and other key stakeholders as planning continues.

The community will be invited to comment further on individual projects when funding is available and designs have been developed.

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