Safety improvements on Racecourse Road at West Gosford

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading the Central Coast Highway and Racecourse Road intersection at West Gosford to improve safety and traffic flow.

Updates and announcements

Main construction work started in April 2016 and it is expected to be completed in mid 2017.

From Monday 16 January 2017, changed traffic conditions will be in place to allow road rebuilding work to be carried out on Racecourse Road. For details of the changes please view the January 2017 project notification.

The NSW Government has provided $3 million in 2016/17 to complete this intersection upgrade.

Project background

The Central Coast Highway is a major road link between the M1 Pacific Motorway and Gosford, Erina and the coastal suburbs.

The upgrade at the intersection of the Central Coast Highway and Racecourse Road would improve safety and traffic flow for the 40,000 vehicles using this section of the highway each day.

In the five years between January 2010 and December 2014 there were 17 crashes including seven injury crashes at this intersection.

Project features

The upgrade includes the following improvements:

  • Providing a left turn lane with traffic light control on the Central Coast Highway (eastbound) for vehicles turning on to Racecourse Road. This will allow for an additional through lane for motorists travelling east on the highway
  • Providing a left turn lane with traffic light control on Racecourse Road (southbound) for vehicles turning onto the Central Coast Highway. This will separate left turning traffic from through and right turning traffic to provide extra capacity for this leg of the intersection
  • Providing a new pedestrian crossing on the western leg of the Central Coast Highway and installing pedestrian traffic lights within the median on Racecourse Road (southbound)
  • Providing a 2.5 metre wide shared path along the northern side of the Central Coast Highway and extending along Racecourse Road to allow cyclists and pedestrians to safety cross the road.

In November 2014, the proposal included installation of an additional bus stop to the east of Racecourse Road. The bus stop will no longer be installed due to the short distance to a bus stop west of Racecourse Road and the provision of a shared path in this area.

Community consultation

The proposal was displayed for community comment in November 2014. The community feedback was considered when finalising the design, which can be viewed in the March 2016 Project notification.

Roads and Maritime Services will keep the community and stakeholders informed as the project progresses.

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