Empire Bay Drive, The Scenic Road and Cochrone Street intersection upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services is proposing to upgrade the intersection to ease congestion and improve traffic flow. The proposal involves installing traffic lights and road widening to provide additional lanes at the intersection.

Updates and announcements

The comment period for the proposed design for the Empire Bay Drive, The Scenic Road and Cochrane Street intersection upgrade closed on Friday 27 May 2016.

More information about the feedback received during the public display and responses is available in the November 2016 Community Consultation Report (PDF 6.8Mb).

Roads and Maritime thanks the community for their feedback and will continue to work with the community and stakeholders as planning progresses.

Project background

Empire Bay Drive is a critical link between the Central Coast suburbs of Woy Woy, Ettalong and Umina in the south and Terrigal, Kincumber and Erina in the north.

Empire Bay Drive is currently one lane in each direction and is a pinch point for the 25,000 motorists travelling each day between Kerta Road and Avoca Drive at Kincumber.

The existing roundabout at Empire Bay Drive, The Scenic Road and Cochrone Street has one circulating lane. During peak hours, motorists are required to wait for long periods at the roundabout which has a substantial impact on traffic flow.

In March 2015, the Minister for Roads and Freight announced $1M to ease congestion and improve traffic flow at this location.

Project objectives

The project aims to:

  • Improve and provide consistent travel times, whilst reducing congestion along Empire Bay Drive
  • Support economic growth and productivity by providing road capacity for current and projected traffic volumes
  • Encourage active transport by providing appropriate facilities for walking and cycling
  • Reduce queuing on Empire Bay Drive that extends onto Avoca Drive
  • Improve motorist safety
  • Provide safer pedestrian and cyclist facilities near the intersection.

Key features

The work will include provision of a traffic light controlled intersection with:

  • Two through lanes in both directions on Empire Bay Drive
  • Dedicated right turning lanes from Empire Bay Drive onto The Scenic Road and Cochrone Street
  • A dedicated left turning lane from Empire Bay Drive onto The Scenic Road
  • Dedicated right turning lanes from The Scenic Road and Cochrone Street onto Empire Bay Drive
  • Traffic light controlled pedestrian crossings on all legs of the intersection. The adjoining footpaths near the intersection on The Scenic Road and Empire Bay Drive will be re-built as part of the project
  • Provision of on-road cycle facilities on Empire Bay Drive and Cochrone Street
  • Shared pathway along Empire Bay Drive.

Next steps

Upcoming planning activities include:

  • Prepare the strategic design
  • Community and stakeholder consultation.
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