Long Jetty traffic planning and efficiency review

The NSW Government announced $2 million in 2014/15 to plan for improvements to traffic flow and ease congestion on the Central Coast Highway at Long Jetty.

Updates and announcements

Having completed investigations and traffic studies for the The Entrance Road at Long Jetty, funding has been allocated and initial work begins on Sunday 17 June.

Work will involve improving existing signalised pedestrian crossings, pram ramps and line marking between Stella and Elsiemer streets and between Anzac and Archbold roads.

A traffic monitoring camera will also be installed at the Swadling Street traffic lights to monitor and adjust traffic light phasing to help improve traffic flow for northbound traffic.

Work will be carried out between 7pm and 5am from Sunday to Thursday and is expected to be completed in three weeks, weather permitting.

Additional traffic congestion alleviation work will be carried out later in the year at several locations identified during the investigation and design stage. Another update will be provided to the community before this work starts.

The remaining improvement work to ease traffic congestion that was identified at several locations during the investigation and design stage will be completed by mid-2019.

Project background

Roads and Maritime Services has completed a traffic study along The Entrance Road between Wyong Road and Oakland Avenue at Long Jetty.

The investigation considered a range of issues including crash history, traffic volumes, traffic growth and travel speeds. Traffic modelling was carried out to consider the impact, cost and feasibility of potential upgrade options.

The traffic study identified that:

  • Sections of the Central Coast Highway through Long Jetty experience congestion during peak times
  • Two travel lanes in each direction will have significant impacts to local amenity, with sections of the road in the vicinity of Thompson Street not wide enough to accommodate two travel lanes
  • Smaller scale and targeted improvements along the route will provide more effective outcomes and benefits to motorists
  • Modelling shows that providing two travel lanes where space permits will only provide marginal travel time benefits compared to less disruptive options
  • Improvements for travel times as part of the upgrade were found to be most significant at the Tuggerah Parade intersection for northbound vehicles and Swadling Street for southbound vehicles.

Objectives and priorities

As a result of the investigations, several improvements to The Entrance Road were identified as providing benefits to traffic efficiency as well as increased pedestrian safety.

The proposed improvements are shown in the October 2016 Project update and include:

  • Removing the right turn into Tuggerah Parade and changing the left turn lane to include a through traffic option
  • Installing two lanes southbound at Swadling Street, continuing through to Tuggerah Parade. This would include reducing on-street parking between Swadling Street and Oaks Avenue and implementing peak hour parking restrictions between Oaks Avenue and Tuggerah Parade
  • Reducing the crossing distance at the pedestrian traffic lights between Stella Street and Elsiemer Street and upgrading the signals to provide flashing lights towards the end of the pedestrian crossing phase
  • Reducing the crossing distance at the pedestrian traffic lights between Archbold Road and Anzac Road and upgrading the signals to provide flashing lights towards the end of the pedestrian crossing phase
  • Installing a traffic monitoring camera to ease large volumes of northbound traffic moving through the Thompson Street traffic lights
  • Investigating the removal of on-street parking on short sections of the road to increase capacity during peak times.

The proposed road improvements focus on addressing the key sources of traffic delay, in particular providing benefits for motorists during peak periods at pinch points with lower travel speeds. Travel times in non-peak periods are unlikely to change significantly, however motorists will benefit from reduced traffic light phasing times at Tuggerah Parade and at the pedestrian crossings.

Next steps

The proposal will progress to the detailed design stage, expected to be completed in early to mid 2017. The timing for construction is dependent on funding.

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