M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrades

The M1 Upgrades make up the $391.6 million M1 Productivity Package funded by the Australian and NSW governments to provide a better and more reliable journey on one of Australia’s busiest roads.

Updates and announcements

Work on all three M1 upgrades is now under way. Motorists are encouraged to plan their journeys and allow extra travel time.

Changed traffic conditions are now in place to allow work on the M1 upgrade between Tuggerah and Doyalson to progress.

The second stage of the Sparks Road bridge widening is taking place with the new bridge decks lifted in place using a 750 tonne crane. Partial closures of the M1 at the Warnervale interchange are required and a short detour will be in place along the existing entry and exit ramps at Sparks Road.

The detour is through the interchange only and a 40km/h speed limit will be in place. The existing 80km/h speed limit for the Tuggerah to Doyalson upgrade will remain in place on the M1. More information, including timing of the detours is available on the project webpage.

The two existing northbound lanes have been shifted closer to the right for about three kilometres, starting just north of the Alison Road overpass and ending about 500 metres south of the Sparks Road interchange.

The northbound service centre ramps have been changed to suit this shift in lanes and access will be maintained at all times. Please follow the road signs.

There will be no change to the existing two southbound lanes during this time.

Speed limits remain at 80km/h for the safety of workers and all road users.

More information about the progress of the M1 Upgrades can be found in the August 2018 project update (PDF,797Kb).

See a visualisation of the changed traffic conditions:

Frequently asked questions

Why does it take so long to build the upgrades?

We are carrying out a range of complex works. This includes improving safety and capacity at four key interchanges, replacing a roundabout with traffic lights, rebuilding over 50 kilometres of existing lane and adding around 35 kilometres of new lanes to the M1.

Each stage of construction has been designed to have the least possible impact on the 70,000 motorists using the motorway each day.

Why is the speed limit 80km/h, especially when I can’t see work happening on site?

We have placed safety barriers on the motorway, to establish a safe zone for our workers. The barriers were placed at the same time as new line-marking which has reduced lane widths, so it is not safe for motorists and heavy vehicles to travel at speeds higher than 80km/h.

How much longer will these upgrades add to my trip?

The work has been designed to minimise impacts to the travelling public, but journey times are affected by normal traffic congestion, particularly during peak holiday periods.


The M1 Pacific Motorway is an important link between Sydney and Brisbane. More than 70,000 light and heavy vehicles travel between the Central Coast and Hunter region and Sydney each day. These numbers are expected to increase in the future.

The three major M1 Upgrades will improve traffic flow and safety for motorists:


The M1 Upgrades will benefit commuters, holiday traffic, heavy vehicles and public transport users by:

  • improving traffic flow for better and more reliable trips
  • making it easier to move freight
  • allowing for predicted increases in traffic
  • providing safer access to and from the motorway.


Work will take place between the Kariong and Somersby interchanges, Tuggerah and Doyalson interchanges and at the Weakleys Drive and John Renshaw Drive intersection. Key features include:

  • widening the road between Kariong and Doyalson
  • improving interchanges at Kariong, Warnervale and Doyalson
  • replacing the existing roundabout at Weakleys Drive with traffic lights
  • replacing old, cracked pavement on the motorway.
Infographic: Graphical representation of the following concepts: Improving traffic flow for more than 70,000 motorists; $391.6 million for 3 major M1 Upgrades; Better movement of freight.
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