Pacific Highway upgrade through Wyong town centre

Roads and Maritime is planning to upgrade the Pacific Highway through the Wyong town centre to provide two lanes in each direction between Johnson Road at Tuggerah and Cutler Drive at Wyong. The upgrade would improve traffic flow, travel times and safety for all road users as well as provide for possible future changes to the public transport network.

Project background

The Pacific Highway is the main route through Wyong town centre and is a major urban arterial road connecting the northern suburbs of the Central Coast. It is currently a single lane in each direction through the township of Wyong.

Wyong and surrounding suburbs have experienced a large increase in the volume of traffic in recent times due to sustained urban growth across the Central Coast region.

In early 2013 following an independent review, it was confirmed that the upgrade would be along the existing highway route.

Planning and design is funded by the NSW Government.

Project objectives

  • Improve safety for all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians
  • Improve traffic flow to provide reliable road access to and through Wyong town centre
  • Provide a road environment that maintains as far as practicable the town’s identity while providing opportunities for future revitalisation and growth
  • Ensure the highway upgrade is compatible with current and possible future public transport services
  • Provide improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Next steps

Roads and Maritime is continuing to carry out detailed design and complete the purchase of all properties required before any work can start.

Roads and Maritime will continue to keep stakeholders and the community informed as the project progresses. The timing of the work has not yet been confirmed.

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