Pedestrian improvements on Wallarah Road, Gorokan

Roads and Maritime Services is improving pedestrian safety on Wallarah Road between Nichols Avenue and Taloma Street at Gorokan.

Updates and announcements

Work on the pedestrian improvements started on Monday 11 June.

Work will be carried out between 7pm and 5am from Sunday to Thursday. Some work will also take place between 7am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of June, weather permitting. For more information please see our June 2018 project notification (PDF, 706Kb).

Project background

In the five years to June 2016 there were 20 crashes on Wallarah Road between Nichols Avenue and Hill Street, including one fatal crash and 11 injury crashes. Four crashes, including the fatality, involved a pedestrian.

The NSW Government has provided $210,000 funding in 2017-18 to improve safety for road users and pedestrians on Wallarah Road.

Work involves building new pedestrian facilities and upgrading existing facilities to improve safety in the high pedestrian activity area on Wallarah Road. 

A speed survey was carried out as part of the investigations for this project. The survey showed 58 per cent of motorists travelling along Wallarah Road, between Beryl Street and Valencia Street exceeded the 50km/h speed limit during the survey.

Pedestrian counts were also carried out on Wallarah Road to determine where new pedestrian facilities would be most effective. Roads and Maritime conducted pedestrian counts on a typical weekday and found that between Hay Street and Beryl Street there were more than 130 pedestrian crossing movements during the AM peak period and 160 pedestrian crossing movements during the PM peak period.

Community consultation was carried out in July 2017 and following a review of the comments received some changes were made to the design. Please see Key features for more information on the changes and the final design.

Key features

The project includes:

  • Introducing a 40km/h high pedestrian activity speed zone between Nichols Avenue and Valencia Street, to better manage vehicle speed in the main business area. New signage and concrete kerb extensions will be installed at each end of the speed zone
  • Upgrading the existing pedestrian refuge between Hay Street and Beryl Street, including construction of concrete kerb extensions to reduce the crossing distance and allow pedestrians to cross one traffic lane at a time
  • Upgrading the existing pedestrian refuge west of Taloma Street, rather than building a new refuge to the east of Taloma Street
  • Installing a new raised pedestrian crossing on Wallarah Road west of Beryl Street and upgrading lighting to provide a safer location for pedestrians to cross the road. We have revised the design so the new pedestrian crossing will be closer to Beryl Street to better utilise the existing no stopping area. This means we will be reducing the number of parking spaces being removed to one on the southern side of the road and two on the northern side of the road
  • Building concrete kerb extensions at each end of the 40km/h speed zone area. The revised design has relocated the concrete kerb extensions near Valencia Street to ensure motorists travelling westbound on Wallarah Road can safely pass by vehicles waiting to turn right into Valencia Street
  • Adjusting the traffic lights to provide longer protected crosswalk time for pedestrians.

The installation of the pedestrian crossing and pedestrian refuges will result in a loss of some parking, which is necessary to ensure the crossing facilities have adequate sight distance. Where possible, we have utilised existing no stopping zones and bus zones to minimise the impact to parking.

To see the final design please download the June 2018 project notification.

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