West Gosford to Narara – Manns Road between Stockyard Place, West Gosford and Narara Creek Road, Narara

Roads and Maritime Services is planning a future upgrade of Manns Road between Stockyard Place, West Gosford and Narara Creek Road, Narara to improve traffic flow and safety.

Aerial photo showing the proposed future updated corridor. The corridor is described in detail in the May 2016 community update document.
Proposed future upgrade corridor shown in blue.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime will carry out investigations in West Gosford and Narara from October 2017 to continue to plan the proposed upgrade.

This work will include ground testing (geotechnical) investigations from 23 October and will be finished by mid-December, as well as detailed survey work and potholing which will begin in early November and be finished by the end of January 2018.

Please view or download the October 2017 Notification (PDF, 35Kb).

Project background

Manns Road is part of the north-south Gosford Bypass, a major transport route for local businesses and residents. Manns Road connects the Central Coast Highway to the industrial area of West Gosford and Pacific Highway at Narara.

Roads and Maritime Services is planning for the future upgrade of the 2.7 kilometre section of road to improve traffic flow and safety. This section links the completed upgrade of Manns Road at the Central Coast Highway and planned upgrade work on Manns Road at Narara. During peak travel times motorists experience congestion and queuing along Manns Road.

The section of Manns Road proposed for future upgrade has a history of crashes mainly near intersections and driveways. West Gosford is undergoing light industrial and commercial redevelopment and traffic volumes are forecast to increase to about 39,000 vehicles per day by 2039.

The NSW Government has provided $500,000 in 2015/16 to plan for a future staged upgrade of Manns Road. At this stage there is no funding or timing for construction. The proposed design is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to planning for future important road infrastructure. The Manns Road upgrade may be staged and delivered as a single or multiple projects to minimise impacts to the community.

The upgrade forms part of ongoing planning and upgrading of Manns Road and the Pacific Highway and would complement the recently completed Central Coast Highway, Brisbane Water Drive and Manns Road intersection upgrade.

Property owners can find out more about how Roads and Maritime manages property impacts by contacting us and visiting the property page.

Key features

The proposal would investigate:

  • Widening the road to provide two lanes in each direction, separated by a central median
  • Replacing the narrow bridge near Nells Road
  • Installing traffic lights where required to improve access to major connecting roads
  • Restricting access to some minor roads
  • Providing pedestrian and cyclist facilities
  • Improvements to drainage.

Project benefits

Key benefits of a future upgrade would include:

  • Improved traffic flow and travel times for motorists
  • Improved access to major connecting roads
  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist access
  • Improved safety for all road users.

What happens next?

Roads and Maritime is committed to working with stakeholders and the community during the planning process. More information about the project will be provided as the proposal progresses.

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