Hamilton - Griffiths and Chatham Roads

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to upgrade the intersection at Griffiths and Chatham roads at Hamilton North to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Updates and announcements

The NSW Government is providing $1 million for the upgrade to improve pedestrian and motorists’ safety at this intersection. Work relating to utility adjustments is scheduled to start mid-year and will involve survey work and power pole relocation.

Project background

Griffiths Road is used by more than 30,000 vehicles daily and is the major commuter and freight route connecting the M1 Pacific Motorway to the urban centre of Newcastle.

The intersection of Griffiths and Chatham Roads at Hamilton is an important entry point for residents, commuters and industry accessing the Newcastle showground, local businesses and parks.

More than 3,400 vehicles an hour travel through the intersection during peak travel times, with more than 600 motorists using the intersection to turn right, across oncoming traffic, onto either Griffith or Chatham Roads.

There is a crash history at this location with the majority of these crashes related to turning vehicles. Motorists turning at this intersection also experience heavy queuing and peak time delays due to the large number of vehicles using Griffiths Road.

Project objectives

  • Assist with improving traffic flow and road safety into the future along this major commuter and freight route
  • Improve facilities for pedestrians particularly during events at the showground.

Key features

The final design includes:

  • Installing a new concrete median and pedestrian refuge on Chatham Road (south) to improve pedestrian safety and maintain a safe turning path for trucks entering and exiting Chatham Road
  • Relocating existing power poles and overhead power lines to improve sight distance and allow for road widening activities
  • Installing new kerbs, pedestrian ramps and footpath links on the entry and exit to the southern side of Chatham Road to improve access to existing footpaths and to the Newcastle Showground and Newcastle Entertainment Centre. This will require removal of three existing trees which will be replaced by Roads and Maritime following consultation with Newcastle Council
  • Improving line marking through the intersection for cyclists’ safety.

Community engagement

Roads and Maritime Services sought comments from the community and stakeholders on the proposed project in December 2013 and November 2014. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to consider our proposal and provide feedback.

The initial intersection upgrade design that was provided to the community for comment in December 2013 included installing traffic lights, improving pedestrian facilities and widening Griffiths and Chatham roads to provide additional turning lanes and cycle paths. Traffic lights were proposed to improve safety at the intersection while maintaining full access for all movements. This proposal included maintaining access for trucks that were required to use the intersection to travel to and from the distribution facility on Chatham Road.

Following closure of the distribution facility in mid-2014 the proposal to install traffic lights was reconsidered based on the reduction of heavy fuel laden vehicles entering and exiting Chatham Road to access the distribution facility. Roads and Maritime revised the intersection design to remove the existing through and right turn traffic movements out of Chatham Road to improve safety at the intersection.

Community feedback relating to the revised design included concerns about potential increases in traffic volumes on Clyde Street, the potential for increased congestion at the Griffiths Road and Broadmeadow Road intersection and the detour distance that would result for local residents. Based on this feedback Roads and Maritime will not restrict traffic movements at the Griffiths Road and Chatham Road intersection. We will continue to monitor this intersection.

Based on this feedback Roads and Maritime will not restrict traffic movements at the Griffiths Road and Chatham Road intersection. We will continue to monitor this intersection.

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