Kooragang - duplication of Tourle Street and Cormorant Road

Roads and Maritime Services is upgrading Tourle Street and Cormorant Road at Kooragang to improve traffic flow and cater for future traffic growth.

Updates and announcements

Roads and Maritime has engaged WBHO McIlwain Joint Venture to duplicate 3.8 kilometres of Tourle Street and Cormorant Road between Industrial Drive, Mayfield West and Egret Street, Kooragang. The upgrade, including the construction of a second bridge over the Hunter River, will improve traffic flow and cater for future traffic growth.

Main construction started in May 2016. More information is available in the July 2017 Project Update (PDF, 394Kb).

Project background

Kooragang Island is home to a major industrial and employment centre in NSW and is part of the world's largest coal export port.

Tourle Street and Cormorant Road form the main corridor connecting Kooragang Island to Newcastle and the southern section of the Port of Newcastle. The road is also the main transport corridor connecting Newcastle with Newcastle Airport and Port Stephens. About 33,000 vehicles use the corridor each day, including more than 3000 heavy vehicles.

Roads and Maritime is upgrading the corridor to improve traffic flow and cater for the forecast increase in traffic movements due to future urban development in Port Stephens, the expansion of Newcastle Airport and growth of industrial development on Kooragang Island.

Tourle Street Bridge was replaced in 2009 to improve heavy vehicle loading capacity. The bridge was built as the first stage of providing four continuous travel lanes between Industrial Drive at Mayfield West and Fern Bay. Duplication will ensure the corridor has sufficient capacity to accommodate current and projected traffic volumes.

Key features

The upgrade provides the best overall balance between environmental, social and technical considerations.

Key features include:

  • Duplicating 3.8 kilometres of the road between Industrial Drive, Mayfield West and Egret Street, Kooragang to provide two lanes in each direction
  • A new two lane bridge on the western side of the existing bridge
  • 2.5 metre shoulders along Cormorant Road to cater for on-road cyclists
  • Minimising impact on the Long Pond by mainly widening the road on the southern side of the existing Cormorant Road
  • Maintaining access to existing businesses along the corridor
  • Catering for future industrial development on Kooragang Island next to the existing road.

Next steps

Work is continuing on construction of the bridge and along Tourle Street and Cormorant Road. Work is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, weather permitting. Roads and Maritime will continue to keep stakeholders and the community informed as the project progresses.

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