Macquarie Street and Fishery Point Road intersection upgrade, Morisset

Roads and Maritime Services is planning to upgrade this intersection to improve safety, traffic flow and accommodate increased traffic demand.

Project background

The NSW Government has committed $150,000 this financial year to plan for safety and traffic flow improvements at the Macquarie Street and Fishery Point Road intersection.

The proposed upgrade is in response to increased traffic volumes associated with development in the area and community concerns being raised about safety at the intersection.

Traffic volumes through the Macquarie Street and Fishery Point Road intersection at Morisset are around 1752 vehicles per hour in the morning peak, and 1999 vehicles per hour in the afternoon peak.

Roads and Maritime Services sought comments from the community and stakeholders on the proposed project in April and May 2018.

Project objectives

The upgrade will:

  • Improve safety
  • Improve traffic flow
  • Accommodate increased traffic demand due to growth in the local area.

Project features

The proposal includes installing traffic lights at the intersection to better manage traffic movements and improve motorist safety, especially for vehicles turning in and out of Fishery Point Road.

It also includes building raised concrete medians and changes to line marking to prevent motorists from crossing to the wrong side of the road near this busy intersection.

An additional right turn lane is proposed from Macquarie Street into Fishery Point Road and road widening would be carried out to provide a second southbound lane on Fishery Point Road.

Following a review of feedback received in the April and May 2018 community consultation, some changes have been made to the proposed upgrade, which include:

  • Widening on the northern side of Macquarie Street to retain parking for residents and provide a new on-road cycleway
  • Widening Macquarie Street at Wyee Street to allow traffic to turn safely
  • Building a retaining wall on the northern side of Macquarie Street to facilitate the road widening
  • Extending dual lanes in Fishery Point Road (southbound) past Pulbah Street to avoid conflict with right turning traffic
  • Provide ‘Keep Clear’ line marking at Pulbah Street (northbound)
  • Carry out traffic monitoring in Pulbah Street, Wyee Street and Oscar Lane before and after the new intersection is built.

A copy of the design and more information is available in the June 2018 project notification.

Planning and investigations

Planning for the upgrade involved assessing traffic light and roundabout options for this location. A roundabout option would require major underground utility work and acquiring adjacent property due to the size of land needed to build a roundabout which could manage the increasing traffic volumes.

Traffic modelling showed a signalised intersection to be the best performing option for managing traffic flow. This option also requires no property acquisition, minimising impacts to adjacent properties.

Traffic monitoring will be carried out in Pulbah Street, Wyee Street and Oscar Lane before and after the new intersection is built to monitor traffic movements and any potential impacts to the local road network. Roads and Maritime will work with Lake Macquarie Council to minimise any impacts.

Next steps

  • Finalise intersection design
  • Start construction of the project

We will notify the community before work starts on the intersection upgrade.

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