Nelson Bay Road and Medowie Road intersection, Williamtown

The NSW Government has provided $8.3 million to improve road safety and reduce congestion on the Nelson Bay Road corridor including upgrading the Nelson Bay Road and Medowie Road intersection and planning for improvements at the Nelson Bay Road and Lemon Passage Road intersection.

Updates and announcements

Comments on the proposed Stage 2 improvements closed on Friday 3 August. Roads and Maritime Services is now considering feedback received during the consultation period and will continue to keep the community informed.

Roads and Maritime Services started work on Stage 1 improvements to the Nelson Bay Road and Medowie Road intersection at Williamtown in August. Stage 1 of the work involves changes to line marking to provide a second right hand turning lane from Medowie Road towards Newcastle.

During July and August, Roads and Maritime sought feedback on Stage 2 of the upgrade which is scheduled to start in late 2018. Proposed Stage 2 improvements include:

  • Providing a left turn lane on the western leg of the roundabout towards Medowie.
  • Improving the alignment of the roundabout westbound to improve safety of vehicle movements.
  • Extending the length of the right turn lane on Medowie Road on the approach to the northern leg of the roundabout.
  • Extending the length of the left hand lane on the departure of the eastern leg of the roundabout towards Nelson Bay.
  • Providing off road cycle paths around the roundabout to allow cyclists to traverse the intersection safely.
  • Providing footpath and kerb ramps to improve safety for pedestrians.
  • Extending the existing culvert to allow road widening on Medowie Road.

Roads and Maritime is working with the NSW EPA to ensure appropriate management of any potential PFAS (per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) during the delivery of the project.


If you have any questions, please contact our Project Manager, Julian Mehanathan on 02 4908 7629 during business hours or

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