New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy

The New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy provides an overview of the NSW Government’s long-term management and vision for the highway to improve safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability.

New England Highway at Tenterfield
New England Highway at Tenterfield

Updates and announcements

Comments closed for the New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy public display on Monday 7 November.

Roads and Maritime thanks the community for taking the time to consider the New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy and providing feedback.

Community and stakeholder feedback is important to us and will be considered in finalising the New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy.

Roads and Maritime Services will prepare a Community Consultation Report to respond to all submissions received during the display of the draft strategy. This report will include a summary of the submissions and responses to the issues that were raised.

The Community Consultation Report will be finalised in the coming months and a copy will be available on this website.

Project background

Corridor strategies set out the NSW Government’s 20 year plan to manage and guide the development of various road corridors to improve safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability.

Find out more about road network and corridor planning on the Transport for NSW website.

Roads and Maritime Services in collaboration with Transport for NSW has prepared a New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy to address the transport needs of the corridor.

This draft strategy sets out the objectives, current performance and issues in managing the corridor over the long-term. It details a series of safety, asset and traffic priorities to address the current and future challenges along the road. The strategy aims to provide transparency and certainty about the direction of future investment.

Vision and priorities

The vision for the New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy is to:

  • Enhance safety for all road users by applying a Safe System approach to the planning and management of the New England Highway
  • Provide an efficient corridor that caters for increasing growth, including the provision of four lanes from Belford to Muswellbrook
  • Support rural industries by providing greater access for Higher Productivity Vehicles
  • Feature a sustainable maintenance program with targeted heavy duty road surfaces to support transport needs
  • Provide a reliable transport corridor which provides intra-regional, inter-regional and interstate transport linkages
  • Provide a safe and efficient corridor through urban environments while maintaining amenity and safety for vulnerable road users.

The draft strategy includes information on challenges along the corridor and sets actions and priorities to guide investment. These include:

  • Improving road safety by providing wider lanes, sealed shoulders and wide clear zones
  • Intersection upgrades based on safety performance, traffic volumes and freight demand
  • Continuing improvements to sections with high crash rates or identified high crash risk locations
  • Progressive implementation of dual carriageway between the Golden Highway and Muswellbrook
  • Improved overtaking opportunities with new overtaking lanes
  • Road surface improvements to reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Improving route reliability by addressing areas with lower levels of reliability due to flooding, black ice and lack of practical detours.
  • Improvements to high priority culverts along the corridor on a risk basis
  • Enhancing the freight route to improve the highway corridor for the mining and agriculture industry to enable access for more productive heavy vehicles.

For more information view or download the New England Highway Draft Corridor Strategy and Frequently asked questions.

Next steps

Roads and Maritime will consider the feedback and suggestions received during the comment period to finalise the New England Highway Corridor Strategy.

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