Muswellbrook bypass – New England Highway

Roads and Maritime Services is planning for a future bypass of Muswellbrook.

Updates and announcements

In March 2015, the NSW Government announced $68 million through the Rebuilding NSW Infrastructure Plan to get a future bypass ready for construction. The NSW Government has allocated $2.8 million in 2017-18 to progress planning.

We are continuing planning to identify an economically viable option which would meet the funding requirements.

Planning activities include investigating options for a bypass of Muswellbrook, including a review of the existing preserved corridor and other shorter alignments to improve safety and efficiency of the New England Highway.

Timing for construction of the bypass has not been confirmed.

The bypass is subject to a final business case, identification of an economically viable option and funding from the Australian Government.

Project background

The New England Highway is part of the National Land Transport Network in NSW.

In 1998 Roads and Maritime carried out a route selection study for a proposed Muswellbrook bypass. Three options were displayed from December 2000 to February 2001. These options are no longer viable, largely due to mining activities in the area.

The Australian Government has selected a preferred option for the route. The preferred route corridor has been included in Muswellbrook Shire Council's Local Environment Plan (LEP) and preserved for the future bypass.

Only one viable option was identified due to the significant constraints in the area such as coal mining activities, council landfill, residential development and local geography.

View or download the 2005 map of the proposal.

Project objectives

The bypass would have significant benefits including:

  • Removing conflicts between local traffic and through traffic in the Muswellbrook town centre
  • Removing heavy vehicle traffic away from the town centre and nearby residential areas
  • Improve amenity through town
  • Improving travel times on the New England Highway.

Project documents


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