New England Highway bypass of Scone

Roads and Maritime Services is building the New England Highway bypass of Scone to improve traffic flow, travel times and safety for road users.

Updates and announcements

Work on the New England Highway bypass of Scone is under way.

Large concrete girders for the three bridges are being delivered every second weekday until October, when deliveries will increase to every weekday until early 2019. A total of 172 girders will be delivered for the project.

Work is expected to be completed by late 2020, weather permitting. We will keep the community and road users informed of progress including any changes to traffic throughout the construction period.

Project background

The New England Highway south of Scone carries 8,400 vehicles a day, peaking in town at 14,000. Around 8,000 vehicles use the Kelly Street crossing every day, including 1,200 heavy vehicles.

There is a poor crash history on this four kilometre section of highway, with 26 crashes in the five years to December 2015.

The Australian and NSW governments have committed $137 million for construction of this major upgrade

Project objectives and features

The bypass will remove a large number of heavy vehicles from the town centre. This will result in improved:

  • traffic flow and amenity for local traffic
  • travel times for freight and long distance traffic
  • safety for all road users.

The bypass also provides an alternative route for road users wanting to travel across town unimpeded by rail operations.

Key features of the upgrade include:

  • a two lane highway bypass to the west of Scone
  • three bridges - providing a grade-separated intersection at the southern end, crossing over the rail line south of Scone, and crossing over Kingdon and Liverpool streets
  • access to and from the bypass to the north and south of town and midway at St Aubins Street providing for all turning movements

Please view or download the bypass design map.

Community engagement

Several changes were made to the design following comments received through our community engagement activities. Changes include providing a grade-separated southern interchange and returning all vehicle turning movements to the northern intersection. The changes improve road safety, connectivity and access for passing trade.

We have published a submissions report summarising community comments, our responses and details of changes made to the design after feedback from the community during the display period.

We have also published an Addendum Review of Environmental Factors that examines the impacts and mitigation measures arising from these design changes.

Environment protection and monitoring

The Environment Protection Licence and monthly environmental monitoring data for the project can be found on the Environment Protection Licence page.

Next steps

Work is expected to be complete by late 2020, weather permitting.

We will continue to keep stakeholders and the community informed as the project progresses.

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