Scone project documents

Scone rail bridge community consultation report

July 2016

Scone bypass submissions report

May 2016

Main report

December 2015

Appendix A - Consideration of clause 228(2) factors and matters of national environmental significance

Appendix C - Biodiversity likelihood of occurrence table

Appendix D- Flora and fauna species recorded within study area

Appendix E - Assessments of significance for threatened and migratory species

Appendix F - Hydrological and hydraulic assessment

Appendix G - Noise and vibration assessment

Appendix H - Urban design and landscape

Appendix I - Historical heritage assessment

Appendix J - Aboriginal heritage assessment

Appendix K - Socio economic impact assessment

Appendix M - EPBC Act protected matters search tool results

Options assessment and feasibility report

April 2014

April 2014 Options assessment and feasibility study

Issues Report

July 2013

Scone level crossing - Options and feasibility study - Issues report

Scone level crossing - Options and feasibility study - Issues Report

December 2012

Option identification report

May 2012

Feasibility Assessment - Option identification report.

Appendix A

May 2012

Appendix A - Key constraints.

Appendix B

May 2012

Appendix B - Workshop 1 options.

Appendix C

May 2012

Appendix C - Workshop 2 options.

Appendix D

May 2012

Appendix D - Options for strategic design.

Appendix E

May 2012

Appendix E - Option and feasibility workshop report

Project update

July 2016

Project update

December 2015

Project update

July 2015

Project update

April 2014

Scone bypass preferred option

Project update

November 2012

Scone Level Crossing Feasibiity Study

Project update

August 2011

Roads and Maritime Services is undertaking an options and feasibility study of upgrade options for the New England Highway (Kelly Street) rail level crossing at Scone.

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