Environment - Shortland to Sandgate

Environmental monitoring

The Protection of the Environment Operation Act 1997 requires holders of environment protection licences (EPLs) to make pollution monitoring data required by the EPL publicly available.

The Hunter Expressway Alliance contractor, Thiess Pty Ltd holds an EPL for the road construction of the Newcastle Inner City Bypass. Condition M2 of the EPL requires Thiess Pty Ltd to monitor the concentration of total suspended solids, pH and visible oil and grease in waters discharged from sediment basins on the premises.


The project has not been required to discharge waters from the premises during the reporting period and therefore no monitoring has been undertaken.

Environmental impact assessment

A review of environmental factors was prepared to identify a comprehensive range of measures to minimise potential environmental effects during and after construction. These include:

  • Managing dust, water quality and construction traffic.
  • Minimising adverse effects on heritage and flora and fauna.
  • Addressing issues of local amenity, such as visual character, air and noise.

The review of environmental factors for the proposal was displayed for community comment in June 2006 and the project was determined in September 2007.

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