Stockton Harbour Remediation project

Roads and Maritime Services is carrying out investigations to inform the future remediation of Stockton Harbour in the Newcastle local government area. In the past two decades, various options have been proposed to the local community around the future of the site.

Updates and announcements

The North Stockton Swing Mooring Review of Environmental Factors will be displayed between 26 April and 24 May 2016.

View or download the Review of Environmental Factors and appendices (PDF, 12.4MB).

An Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Stockton Boat Harbour is being carried out from 24 March to 21 April 2016.

Project background

In 2014, Roads and Maritime commissioned a Worley Parsons engineering report of Stockton Harbour which found six of the 14 jetties within the harbour presented serious safety issues, and that the existing jetties and vessel entrance to the boat harbour were non-compliant with current design standards.

The report also found seabed levels within the Harbour are too shallow to provide sufficient under keel clearance for vessels.

Roads and Maritime is carrying out investigation work to inform the future of Stockton Boat Harbour and deliver an outcome for the benefit of the whole community.

Roads and Maritime proposes to upgrade the existing swing moorings at the North Stockton Swing Mooring Facility, approximately 1.7km north of the Harbour, as an alternative facility for boaters from the harbour while a longer term solution is considered. The upgrade includes installation of additional swing moorings, dinghy mooring storage and formal beach access.

Make safe work will then be carried out on the structures in the harbour which could impact on other vessels and people using the channel.

The North Stockton Swing Mooring Facility proposal and Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is now on display for community comment until 24 May 2016.

The REF assesses the potential environmental impacts of the proposal and identifies measures to manage and mitigate these impacts.

Roads and Maritime is committed to working with the community and stakeholders during the planning process and invites you to comment on the REF by 24 May 2016. Feedback received will be considered in finalising the proposal for project approval.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) will be carried out from 24 March to 21 April 2016, inviting industry to develop the Stockton Boat Harbour.

For more information or to register for future updates email or call the project team on 1800 786 683 or

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