Stockton Harbour Remediation project

Roads and Maritime Services is remediating Stockton Boat Harbour in the Newcastle local government area. We have completed the establishment of 25 swing moorings in North Stockton and we are ready to invite public comment on the Review of Environmental Factors and Development Application for the land and water based work for the boat harbour.

A drawing of the planned new Stockton Boat Harbour
A drawing of the planned new Stockton Boat Harbour

Updates and announcements

The initial design for the Boat Harbour is complete and Roads and Maritime is inviting public comment on:

Both documents will be available for public comment from 31 October to 30 November.

The DA can be accessed from the Newcastle office of the Department of Planning.

We will be holding a community information session at the Stockton Prawner’s Club, Fullerton Street, Stockton (adjacent to the Boat Harbour) on 9 November between 6pm and 9pm, where you can talk to project team and provide feedback on the project.

Project background

In 2014, Roads and Maritime commissioned Worley Parsons to prepare an engineering report of Stockton Harbour which found six of the 14 jetties within the Harbour presented serious safety issues. The report identified that the existing jetties and vessel entrance to the Boat Harbour did not comply with current design standards.

The report also found seabed levels within the Harbour are too shallow to provide sufficient under -keel clearance for vessels.

The condition of the Harbour has continued to deteriorate, and Roads and Maritime is proposing to rebuild the Harbour, at a cost of $4.3m. The first stage of this project was to create 25 swing moorings in North Stockton so that boat owners currently using the harbour would have an alternative site during construction.

The REF has assessed the potential environmental impacts of the project, and identifies measures to manage and mitigate these impacts.

Roads and Maritime is committed to working with the community and stakeholders during the planning process and invites you to comment on the REF by 30 November. The feedback received during the public display will be considered to ensure an informed decision making process.

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