Warners Bay intersection upgrade - completed

Roads and Maritime Services upgraded the intersection at Fairfax Road and The Esplanade, Warners Bay to improve traffic flow and safety for road users. The upgrade was completed in December 2014.

Project background

The intersection at Fairfax Road and The Esplanade, Warners Bay is the main gateway for motorists travelling from western Lake Macquarie to Cardiff, Warners Bay and Charlestown.

More than 20,000 vehicles travel through the intersection each day.

The NSW Government provided $5 million to upgrade the intersection.

Key features

The upgrade involved:

  • Replacing the existing roundabout with traffic lights to better manage traffic flows and queues
  • Providing two eastbound and two westbound lanes on The Esplanade by realigning median strips and widening the roadway
  • Minor widening of Fairfax Road to include two right turn lanes onto The Esplanade
  • Maintaining a single northbound lane on Fairfax Road
  • Providing pedestrian crossings on all three sides of the intersection for safe access to the lake foreshore and local businesses
  • Reconfiguring the shared path along the lake foreshore to bypass the foreshore car parks for improved pedestrian and cyclist safety. The shared path connects to the intersection crossings
  • Improved intersection lighting for increased safety at night
  • Creating additional parking spaces within the foreshore park. Some existing roadside parking spaces on the westbound side of The Esplanade have been removed and all existing roadside parking spaces on the eastbound side of The Esplanade have been maintained
  • Providing two protected right turn bays on The Esplanade at Seaman Avenue and west of Fairfax Road to provide safe and alternative access to residences
  • Changes to the traffic island at the intersection of Fairfax Road and Medcalf Street to provide greater width for cyclists and to facilitate safer and easier right turn access, particularly for buses, into Fairfax Road.
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