Project documents

Environmental impact statement

EIS overview

Summarises the key issues outlined in the EIS.

Preferred option feedback report

June 2015

Preferred option report

October 2014

Road Corridor Review Report

December 2013

Review of the reserved bypass corridor.

Appendix A

December 2013

Strategic road design within the bypass corridor.

Appendix B

October 2013

Traffic analysis for the bypass corridor.

Appendix C

October 2013

Aboriginal Archaeological survey report for the bypass corridor.

Project flowchart

July 2015

Preferred option map

October/November 2014

Proposed changes to Croom Regional Sporting Complex

October/November 2014

Road corridor map

December 2013

Preferred option community update

October/November 2014

Road Corridor Review Summary

December 2013

Summary of the review of the reserved bypass corridor.

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