Appin Road

Appin Road is a major arterial road connecting South Western Sydney to the Illawarra. It passes through the town of Appin, and the Wollongong, Wollondilly and Campbelltown Local Government Areas.

Appin Road, new alignment at Cataract (eastern curves realignment).

Updates and announcements

Eastern curves realignment

Work was completed on 4 November 2016 on the safety upgrade on Appin Road, four months ahead of schedule. Work started in January 2016 to realign two curves with high crash rates approximately 2km northwest of Loddon Bridge, Cataract.

The upgrade included removing the two bends and replacing them with one larger bend, installing a median safety barrier and providing wider road shoulders to give motorists whose vehicles leave the road more room to recover.

The NSW Government allocated $6.35 million to improve safety on Appin Road at this location with a significant crash history.

West Cliff Colliery Road junction improvements

Safety improvements completed in 2016 at the junction of Appin Road and the West Cliff Colliery access road included:

  • Intelligent warning signs to advise motorists using Appin Road when a heavy vehicle is exiting the side road were installed
  • Resurfacing to provide enhanced skid resistance

In addition, investigations are continuing into the feasibility of installing additional street lighting to increase visibility at the intersection.

Project background

Appin Road is a main road which provides a key link for motorists travelling from the Illawarra to Campbelltown. It is used for the transportation of freight from the coast at Port Kembla to south western Sydney via the town of Appin and passes through the Wollongong, Wollondilly and Campbelltown Local government Areas. It is sometimes used as an alternative route to Picton Road and has an average use of over 10,000 vehicles per day.

Appin Road safety review

In December 2012, the Minster for Roads and Ports, Duncan Gay, made a commitment to a safety review of Appin Road. This was completed in 2014 by Roads and Maritime Services and NSW Centre for Road Safety working with the NSW Police.

The review examined Appin Road from Kellerman Drive, Rosemeadow, to the Princes Highway at Bulli Tops. It examined crash history, roadside hazards, road surface condition, road signs and speed zones to identify potential safety improvements to Appin Road and made recommendations for the development and prioritisation of a program of works.

To obtain a copy of the review, please see the Centre for Road Safety website or download the Appin Road Safety Review directly.

Previous work

Roads and Maritime has implemented a number of safety works along Appin Road both before and as a result of the Safety Review. Since 2011 this work has included:

  • Resurfacing of the southern section of Appin Road
  • Resurfacing of a section of Appin Road from Illawarra Street to Wilton Road
  • Assessing the use of mobile food and beverage vendors in rest areas to encourage drivers to take a break
  • Removal of 24 trees considered high risk due to their close proximity to the road between 1.65km south of Copperfield Drive and 3.3km north of Rixon Road to reduce the number of roadside hazards
  • Reduction of the 100 km/h speed zone to 90 km/h south of Appin, following a review of the speed zones conducted in consultation with NSW Police, Wollongong City Council, Wollondilly Shire Council and other stakeholders.

As well as the work above, Roads and Maritime has made safety improvements at various places along Appin Road by

  • Upgrading curve alignment markers
  • Installing additional curve warning and speed advisory signs, including electronic vehicle activated signs to warn motorists of curves ahead
  • Installing roadside safety barrier
  • Adjusting line marking, including making changes to some intersections
  • Installing advance intersection signs
  • Replacing missing guide posts and raised reflective road markers.
Work in progress to realign two curves on Appin Road.

Project documents

Letter to residents

Letter to residents

Safety improvements to Appin Road

Consultation Report

August 2014

Consultation Report - Safety improvements on Appin Road, Gilead

Road Safety Investigation Report

March 2014

Kellerman Drive to Princes Highway, Road Safety Investigation Report

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