Mount Ousley interchange

Roads and Maritime Services is planning for an interchange on the M1 Princes Motorway at the base of Mount Ousley. The NSW Government has allocated around $2.5 million in planning for this project.

Updates and announcements

Planning for the project is continuing with investigations such as noise and biodiversity surveys as well as geotechnical studies carried out within the project area. These investigations are a critical part of project development and will help us progress the design of the proposal and will form part of the environmental assessment process. The design and environmental assessment for the proposal is expected to be put on display later in 2017.

We have also finalised the Preferred Option Consultation Summary (PDF, 1.72Mb) which outlines activities carried out during the display of the preferred option and provides a summary of the comments and questions raised by stakeholders and the community. This feedback will be considered as the design for the proposal is developed and refined.

The project

The interchange would replace the existing M1 / Mount Ousley Road intersection at the base of Mount Ousley. This would improve road safety and traffic efficiency at this location, reduce traffic congestion and address future traffic growth.

As part of the options development process, we investigated opportunities for a third southbound lane from just north of New Mt Pleasant Road to Mount Ousley Road which would complete three lanes in each direction on the M1 at Mount Ousley. The preferred option can cater for a future third southbound lane if and when this is required.

Key features of the preferred option:

  • Separated truck bypass lanes to access Mount Ousley Road or travel under Mount Ousley Road and continue on the motorway to the south
  • An overpass from Mount Ousley Road to safely access the motorway to travel north
  • New entry to the University from the motorway southbound and Mount Ousley Road
  • New exit from the University to Mount Ousley Road and the motorway northbound
  • Pedestrian and cyclist bridge over Mount Ousley Road and the motorway which connects suburbs to the north with the University
  • Relocated commuter car park with additional formalised parking spaces
  • Can connect to a future third southbound lane on the Princes Motorway.

Benefits of the preferred option:

  • Improved travel times for all vehicles
  • Safer access to and from the motorway to Mount Ousley Road
  • Improved access to the Wollongong CBD and University of Wollongong
  • Improved safety by separating cars and trucks travelling down Mount Ousley
  • Improved amenity for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Reduced vehicle operating costs
  • Provides for future traffic growth.

Next steps

We are currently developing the concept design and environmental assessment for the project. This will have more detailed information about the design features, identification of impacts and their management during construction and operation. We expect to have the concept design and environmental assessment on display for community comment later in 2017.

The community will be kept informed and consulted as the project progresses.

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