Mount Ousley interchange

Roads and Maritime Services is planning for an interchange on the M1 Princes Motorway at the base of Mount Ousley. The NSW Government has allocated around $2.5 million in planning for this project.

Updates and announcements

The display of the environmental assessment and concept design has closed

Roads and Maritime Services displayed the review of environmental factors and concept design for the Mount Ousley interchange between Thursday 16 November and Friday 15 December 2017.

Read what the community had to say on the online tool.

Next Steps

Roads and Maritime Services will review and address each submission received during the display period in a Submissions Report.  The Submissions Report will help to further develop the project and assist in the detailed design.  It will be available to the community in early 2018.

Timing and funding for construction of the interchange upgrade is still to be confirmed.

Artists impression of the proposed interchange.

The project

The proposed interchange would replace the existing intersection, and improve safety, reduce traffic congestion and provide for future traffic growth.

In response to ongoing consultation and investigations, we have continued to improve the design of the proposed interchange.

Key changes since the preferred option include:

  • new northbound exit from the motorway
  • additional heavy vehicle safety ramp
  • finalised commuter car park location with additional parking spaces and improved access
  • extended pedestrian and cyclist connections
  • relocation of the southbound entry to the motorway
  • new service road between Mount Ousley Road and University Avenue
  • closure of the southbound University Avenue exit from the motorway. Motorists would use the Mount Ousley Road exit and the service road.

Key benefits:

  • improved travel times
  • safer access to and from the motorway to Mount Ousley Road
  • improved access to the Wollongong CBD and University of Wollongong
  • improved safety by separating cars and heavy vehicles travelling down Mount Ousley
  • improved amenity for pedestrians and cyclists
  • reduced vehicle operating costs
  • provides for future traffic growth.
Benefits of this project: Improve pedestrian safety, better and more reliable trips, easing congestion, improving traffic flow.
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