Moss Vale Road

Roads and Maritime Services is currently looking into safety issues on Moss Vale Road near Kangaroo Valley. Deteriorating road pavement combined with a poor road alignment has contributed to a significant crash history in the area which needs to be addressed.

Updates and announcements

As a result of conversations within the working group, Roads and Maritime will develop a number of options that will address road safety concerns and still maintain the country 'feel' of the valley. Options include widening road shoulders and correcting poor alignment around Grahams Road and the crest near Willowglen Road.

It is expected that these options will be presented to the broader community for comment late 2017.

Project background

Roads and Maritime has identified a 2.7 kilometre section of Moss Vale Road around one kilometre north of Cavan Road as the highest safety concern.

A working group has been set up with a number of Kangaroo Valley residents to talk through the issues and incidents on the road and to explore potential options to address these issues. Roads and Maritime is also gathering environmental and road safety information to help develop potential options.

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