Reverse curves

Aerial photo of roadwork site of Picton Road reverse curves surrounded by bushland

The reverse curves project is the largest and most critical project of the Picton Road safety program and was completed in September 2013.

The section of Picton Road starting from Mount Keira Road moving west for 3.5 kilometres has seen a significant number of crashes concentrated around two large curves.

The treatment involved significant work to realign these two curves to 100km/hr design speed and improve safety and efficiency in this section.

The treatment is designed to meet the overall project objectives of reducing the incidence and severity of head-on and run-off-the-road crashes in this location.

Key project features:

  • Realigning two curves into a 460m radius curve to 100km/hour design speed to reduce the incidence of run off the road to the right crashes.
  • Installing a concrete median barrier to separate oncoming traffic to reduce the incidence of head on crashes and the severity of run off the road to the right crashes.
  • Extending the existing overtaking lane from Mt Keira Road toward the reverse curves providing significantly longer overtaking opportunities for westbound traffic.
  • Pavement reshaping will assist in the reduction of run-off-the-road crashes and provide improved surface drainage minimising the risk of accidents on a wet surface.

Road safety history for this section

For the period 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2011, a total of 43 crashes were recorded along this length.

Of the 43 crashes recorded, there were:

  • 3 fatal crashes (3 killed)
  • 22 injury crashes (44 injures)
  • 18 tow away crashes.

The three most apparent crash clusters are located at both of the 'reverse curves' and at the far western end of the project.

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