Hume Highway and Picton Road interchange safety improvements

Roads and Maritime Services has finished installing traffic lights to improve safety on Picton Road at the intersection with the Hume Highway on and off ramps.

Updates and announcements

Work to improve motorists’ safety at the Picton Road intersection with the Hume Motorway was completed on 31 March when the new traffic lights were switched on.

This work at the Picton Road and Hume Highway interchange was part of a $2.5 million safety upgrade to prevent crashes and save lives.

Queue detection technology has been installed at the Hume Highway off ramps to limit traffic queuing back onto the Hume Highway

Installation of the first set of traffic lights on the Picton side of the interchange started in February.

Project background

There is a significant crash history at this interchange, particularly where the highway ramps meet Picton Road. There have been 45 serious crashes between January 2009 and December 2013.

These crashes have a number of causes including confusion about who has the right of way and motorists who misjudge the speed and intentions of other vehicles using the intersections. Traffic also currently queues back to the Hume Highway during busy times.

Installing traffic lights at the interchange will improve road safety by:

  • Controlling which vehicles turn and when they turn
  • Removing confusion around who has right of way
  • Using queue detection technology to limit queuing back onto the Hume Highway.

Key features

  • New traffic lights at the eastern and western Hume Highway ramp intersections with Picton Road
  • Traffic lights will control right hand turns onto Picton Road and onto the Hume Highway as well as straight through traffic on Picton Road
  • Line marking adjustments on the north bound Hume Highway off ramp to improve the merge onto Picton Road west bound.
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