Key challenges

While the Sydney transport network currently meets travel demand over the majority of the network most of the time, Sydney will continue to change and grow.

Roads and Maritime Services strives to balance the needs of the local community, while recognising that the Sydney transport network provides much broader benefits to Sydney and NSW.

Construction activities must be programmed to ensure that traffic flow is maintained in the busy peak periods.

Local challenges

  • Understanding the needs of local residents, businesses and community groups.
  • Maintaining traffic flow in peak periods.
  • Ensuring the safety of motorists and workers.

Broader challenges

  • Support Sydney's long term growth and global competitiveness by increasing the efficiency of its transport network
  • Improve the capacity and flexibility of the transport network to respond to future change and growth.
  • Promote efficient and sustainable urban areas by encouraging investment and growth in identified centres.
  • Provide better and more equitable access to key centres and activities.
  • Contribute to quality of life for people in Sydney.

Meeting our environmental sustainability obligations

Roads and Maritime Services undertakes its activities in a responsible way and manages any risks that may lead to an impact on the environment by:

  • Managing work activities consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development.
  • Continuous improvement in environmental management practices.
  • Considering environmental outcomes alongside safety, cost, quality and time considerations.
  • Minimising pollution and managing the environmental impact from construction activities.
  • Promoting the efficient use, reuse and recycling of resources.
  • Working on understanding the effects of climate change and reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions generated from Roads and Maritime Services activities and construction materials.
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