2006 Air Quality Improvement Plan

What was AQIP?

The original Air Quality Improvement Plan (AQIP) was launched in June 2006 in response to community concern about the level of haze caused by the high numbers of smoky heavy vehicles using the tunnel.

The June 2006 Air Quality Improvement Plan included:

  • Installing 12 additional jet fans in the M5 East tunnel.
  • Installing a smoky vehicle camera/video system in the M5 East tunnel.
  • Undertaking an 18-month trial of air filtration technology to see if air filtration was a viable air quality management measure for the M5 East tunnel. The trial commenced in March 2010 and concluded in September 2011.

The AQIP aimed to:

  • Improve the amenity of M5 East tunnel users, by improving in-tunnel air quality and reducing haze levels in the tunnel.
  • Ensure the amenity of residents at the tunnel entrances and exits (portals) and around the ventilation outlet, by meeting air quality goals and improving in-tunnel air quality.
  • Improve the availability of the M5 East tunnel by reducing the number of tunnel closures (resulting from air quality issues).
  • Assess the effectiveness of the latest in-tunnel air filtration systems to improve in-tunnel air quality.

The actions in the 2006 Air Quality Improvement Plan have been reviewed and assessed to test their effectiveness. This led to the implementation of a stronger suite of measures, the 2012 M5 East Air Quality Improvement Program. This program will provide air quality improvements not only in the M5 East Tunnel but also across the broader Sydney network. More information is available in Managing Air Quality: the M5 East Motorway and Tunnel October 2012.

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