Page 2 - Air Quality In Tunnels

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The Sydney Orbital Network includes over
160 kilometres of surface roads, tunnels,
bridges and underpasses. There are five
main tunnels along the network; Lane Cove
Tunnel, Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Cross City
Tunnel, Eastern Distributor Tunnel and the
M5 East Tunnel.
Whilst expensive to build and operate,
major road infrastructure such as tunnels,
provide many benefits including:
· Reduced travel times.
· Quieter residential streets and improved air
quality (surface traffic reduced by up to 40%).
· Preservation of valued green space
and native habitats in urban areas
(eg. the M5 East Tunnel runs under
the Wolli Creek Reserve).
· Improved access to amenities and
employment areas.
· Efficient transport of freight.
· Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
and fuel costs due to less stopping and
starting at traffic lights.