Sydney Harbour Tunnel

The Sydney Harbour Tunnel is a 2.3 km, four lane tunnel below Sydney Harbour. The tunnel connects the Warringah Freeway on the northern side of Sydney Harbour to the Cahill Expressway, south of the harbour. It provides an alternative cross-harbour route, easing traffic congestion on the Harbour Bridge during peak travel times.

Sydney Harbour Tunnel map


To alleviate traffic congestion on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and its approaches by providing an alternative cross-harbour route

Key features

As part of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel project, a dedicated bus lane was introduced on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which led to improvements in city-bound bus services and a higher uptake of public transport.

Surveillance and response systems for breakdowns and accidents including CCTV so when a breakdown is confirmed, a Roads and Maritime tow truck is immediately dispatched to the incident to assist.

Fast facts

  • Opened: August 1992
  • Length: 2.7km
  • Connects: The Warringah Freeway and the Eastern Distributor.
  • Toll type: Time based toll, charged southbound only.
  • Toll payment: Electronic tag and NSW pass only.
  • Private operator: Sydney Harbour Tunnel Company
  • Handback date: 31 August 2022

Benefits for motorists and community

  • Reduced traffic congestion on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and its approaches
  • Faster and more reliable travel across the harbour and between Sydney's north and the airport.
  • Improved access between the harbour crossings and Sydney's south-western suburbs.
  • Improvements to city bound bus services
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