Failford Road to Tritton Road upgrade - Pacific Highway upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services is planning the upgrade of the Pacific Highway between Failford Road and Tritton Road, Possum Brush.

Project background

This 3 kilometre upgrade would improve safety and improve travel times on this section of the Pacific Highway.

Approval has been granted for the Failford Road to Tritton Road project. A project team has prepared the detailed design based on the project approval. All the land required for the project has been acquired and works to provide safety improvements to the Pet Motel access were undertaken in the first half of 2016.

There are a number of staging options for building the Failford Road to Tritton Road highway upgrade. The final option will be determined when construction funding becomes available and will depend on both the project's needs at the time and the level of available funding.

Staging options could include, for example, the construction of the Failford Road interchange and modification of the new Bullocky Way intersection to left in/left out only, ahead of the construction of the new northbound carriageway.

The benefits of this option would include the early delivery of safety improvements at these intersections by removing traffic conflicts between the Pacific Highway traffic and traffic entering and leaving Failford Road and Bullocky Way.

Brief history of the project

  • March 2016: Safety improvement work at Possum Brush completed
  • September 2008: Project approval received
  • June 2008: Review of Environmental Factors and refined concept design was display for comment
  • March 2006: Concept design was displayed for public comment
  • November 2004: Roads and Maritime Services commenced planning an upgrade of the Pacific Highway from Failford Road to Tritton Road.
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