Grafton Bridge - additional crossing of the Clarence River

The NSW Government is funding this $240 million project which involves building an additional bridge 70 metres downstream from the existing road and rail bridge. The project also includes upgrading parts of the road network in Grafton and South Grafton to connect the new bridge to the existing road network.

Clarence River Crossing at Grafton

Updates and announcements

Start of work

Major work has now started on the new Grafton Bridge. The work will start with vegetation clearing on Pound Street, house removal and the levee system. Work on the bridge itself will start in early 2017.

A new digital portal is now available and includes 3D visualisations about the project and animations to explain how the project is being built. This will be continually update with new information.

A Hydrological Mitigation Report has been published and is available in the project documents along with a fact sheet and a short video to explain how the flooding impact has been minimised.

Project snapshot

  • Contractors: Fulton Hogan
  • Form of contract: Design and construct contract
  • Start date of major construction: November 2016
  • Expected completion date: 2019 (weather permitting)
  • Project value: $240 million

 Project purpose and objectives

  • Enhance road safety for all road users over the length of the project
  • Improve traffic efficiency between and within Grafton and South Grafton
  • Support regional and local economic development
  • Involve all stakeholders and consider their interests
  • Provide value for money
  • Minimise impact on the environment
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