Community engagement

In April 2010 the Minister for Transport and Roads announced that Roads and Maritime Services would review all the issues highlighted by the Grafton community during the initial stage of consultation. As a result, an issues paper was prepared. The Minister also announced that residents should have input into the consultation forums and asked Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority) to prepare a community liaison plan and seek community feedback.

In August 2010 two community focus groups were conducted to discuss and provide feedback on the community liaison plan. The community requested that further opportunities for consultation be developed to enable the community to have input, including a survey. The focus group also asked that the study area be expanded to consider other route options proposed by the community.

In September 2010 the Clarence Valley Council wrote to Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority) and the Minister for Roads in support of a community survey to enable the local community to have their say on the location of the new Summerland Way/ Grafton Bridge. Council also supported the view that route options outside the existing study area should be considered.

In December 2010 Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority) released a community update which announced a new consultation process for the project. The community update included an initial community survey and advised that a phone survey would be conducted early in 2011 to gather further feedback.

Community liaison plan (December 2010)

This updated community liaison plan describes how the project team, (Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority), consultant Arup and technical specialists) will engage with the community to assist with the identification of a preferred option for the crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton. Community input, along with information from the technical and environmental studies, will assist the project team undertaking the assessment process to determine firstly the short list of options and then the preferred option. See the project documents page for more information.

Community surveys

Three community surveys have been undertaken recently to gauge the views of local residents and businesses regarding the additional crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton.

The December 2010 community update included a postal survey that asked the community for their feedback about a second crossing of the Clarence River. The postal survey invited the community to respond to some questions and indicate any additional areas that they would like to have considered. The report is available on the project documents page.

A telephone survey involving 514 randomly selected local residents and regular bridge users was undertaken in March 2011. The report is available on the project documents page.

In January 2012, six options were short-listed (from the 25 preliminary options) for further engineering and environmental investigations. The short-listed options are:

  • E - Cowan Street, South Grafton to Villiers Street, Grafton
  • A - New bridge parallel to and immediately upstream of the existing bridge connecting Bent Street, South Grafton and Fitzroy Street, Grafton
  • C - Junction of Pacific Highway and Gwydir Highway, South Grafton to Pound Street, Grafton
  • 11 - Existing Pacific Highway north of South Grafton to Fry Street, Grafton
  • 14 - Existing Pacific Highway north of South Grafton to North Street, Grafton via Kirchner Street
  • 15 - Existing Pacific Highway north of South Grafton to Summerland Way north of Grafton, via Kirchner Street.

Since January 2012, further investigations have been carried out. The design refinement to the six route options are shown in the September 2012 community update or see the short-listed options map.

In September 2012, the Route Options Development Report was displayed for public comment. Following close of comments on 12 October, a value management workshop was held on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 October with participants from key stakeholders, the community, government agencies and the project team.

In December 2012, a recommended preferred option was displayed for community comment. Following close of comments on 4 March 2013, a report on the submissions received and the preferred option has been prepared and is now available.

Online forum

The online discussions forum closed on 10 October 2012.

Community forum video recordings

Video recordings of the community forums are available.

For more information on the community forum videos, view or download the meeting notes and presentations.

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